Selo Verde Empresa Certificada ISO 9001
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Founded in 1989 by Osvaldo Mazer, in Sertãozinho, Fundição Água Vermelha (FAV) was strengthened in the sugar and alcohol sector and became a reference in its area of activity.

In the early years, the company produced only ingots, raw materials for mills and distilleries. In a short time, due to the constant investments in modern technologies, started to also melt ferrous metals and cast iron alloys, expanding its production area.

Currently, in the foundry sector, it produces hundreds of models of parts for various industrial sectors and, in a short time, expanded its services by creating departments of machining, mechanics, boilermaking and modeling.

Located in the city of Sertãozinho, a major national hub for sugar and alcohol, the FAV has an area of 8,000 m2, where it integrates all the manufacturing processes for the sugar and alcohol sector, extending its operations to other segments, such as: agricultural, mining, steel, food and beverage, footwear and co-generation of energy. The FAV has the capacity to melt more than 200 tons per month.

Always valuing the quality, it works with first-class raw materials, thus gaining the credibility of the market. Its team of engineers and technicians receives constant training and improvements in search of improved control and processes.

The FAV also has the most modern induction furnace on the market, which, in addition to guaranteeing agility in the production process, collaborates with the environment, since its combustion by electric energy has less polluting potential.

The commitment to quality and respect, not only with the client, but also with its more than 100 employees, are differentiated from the FAV and have become recognition in both the national and international markets. This alliance between tradition and excellence has qualified the FAV as an important supplier of products and services for companies, plants and industries certified with ISO 9001.

In the FAV, the tradition of seriousness merges daily with modernity.